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In my debut post, I explained why I named this blog Your Kid’s Not Going Pro. Little did I know that Latif Thomas, co-owner of speed training company Athletes’ Acceleration Inc. (seen in this video talking about stopwatch fraud, or why it seems every athlete runs a 4.2 40), had already done this for me.

In an undated interview posted by the International Youth Conditioning Association, Thomas tells Dr. Kwame Brown, who clearly is more accomplished in his field than that other Kwame Brown is in his, the attitude people should have toward training youth:

“We’re trying to put them in a position to succeed, trying to keep them injury free…to be in a position to maximize their potential…that goes toward helping them feel that they’re getting the most out of their performance and the time that they spend being athletes…This isn’t China…this isn’t ‘pre-school for professional athletes,’ that’s not the attitude we should be taking toward our training. Parents keep saying ‘well, I’m not going to put my child in a sport like track and field, because there’s no money there’. I say to myself, how can that possibly be your line of thinking…I hate to say it, but your kid’s not going pro…When you take that approach, you are putting pressure on a kid, even if you don’t mean to, they can sense this…going out and practicing should not be a job for a 12 year old.”


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