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I now recognize the Distinguished Coach from West Orange

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A New Jersey referee blogs about a sixth-grade boys basketball coach of some notestate Sen. Richard Codey:

Let's groove to the sepia tones of Sen. Codey and His Lost Highway Airmen

Let's groove to the sepia tones of Sen. Codey and His Lost Highway Airmen

The ref says Codey seemed to be doing a good job teaching and encouraging his kids, although the Senator was not above calling for some debate on the floor. First, it was about a three-seconds call. Then:

During a time out, my partner comes over and tells me Codey wants a Technical on the South Orange cheerleaders. “Why,” I ask. “He said they are too loud and he can’t think” I suggest to my partner let’s just move on. …

[At game’s end] Codey commends us but adds, “you really should have ‘T’d’ those cheerleaders.” Provided they do not intentionally interfere with play, curse, or taunt, there is no way to call a technical (which would be assessed to their team) on them. My reply is I’m certain they can’t be ‘T’d’ but (taking a political route) I promise to check the ruling with my association.

I, along with Sen. Codey, eagerly await the results of the white paper by the Association Special Committee on Technical Fouls and Cheerleader Conduct.

Actually, it sounds like ol’ Sen. Codey might have felt an eensy bit of stress because his team was getting beaten pretty badly by hated foe South Orange. But not too much. He’s dealt with far more stressful situations — such as, ahem, dealing with the radio host who mocked his wife’s postpartum depression, and taking over as governor after the resignation of Gay-American Jim McGreevey.

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Written by rkcookjr

January 9, 2009 at 3:37 pm

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