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McDonald’s: comfort food for the recession

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1558892419_5ea0d0c642McDonald’s Corp. today told Reuters it will not cut back on sponsorships, including those tailored to youth sports, as others are doing during the recession. It’s not adding any, either, and it says it’s refocusing to be more “focused” with its programs, but these days no decline is good news. Among the more prominent McDonald’s sponsorships are the annual high school All-American basketball games and sports programs for at-risk youth through the YMCA.

From Reuters. The Jervoe quoted is Johan Jervoe, McDonald’s corporate vice president in charge of global marketing.

Most U.S. sports leagues have been hurt by the recession and the resulting pullback in consumer and corporate spending. The National Football League and National Basketball Association cut jobs, Major League Baseball froze its 2009 budgets and some smaller leagues have folded teams.

McDonald’s is not backing away, however, because it sees sports, whether on a large scale with the Olympics or at the grass-root level with youth programs, as a way to tap into consumers through something they feel passionate about, Jervoe said.

“Sports sponsorship in general, but in particular during rough times, is really a great enabler to connect with your consumers,” he said.

Especially when those consumers are looking for quick, cheap eats on the way to, from, or in between ballgames. If I’m McDonald’s, I’m having Ronald McDonald shaking hands and Grimace handing out coupons at every game in every league in every city.

Written by rkcookjr

March 9, 2009 at 12:40 pm