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Belated update on Logan Young

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Logan Young was the 14-year-old girl whose parents sued to overturn an Indiana High School Athletic Association rule that prevented her from trying out for the boys’ baseball team because there was a girls’ equivalent sport, softball. However, the IHSAA ruled 18-9 a few months back to let her try out because it figured it would lose the lawsuit.

And the happy ending to the story is…

Well, it’s not all that happy. Logan Young didn’t make the Bloomington High School South team.

You could play conspiracy theorist and say Young was doomed because of the trouble she caused. But she, like a lot of freshman boys, just couldn’t make the cut. The coach said her attitude was great, but her skill level just wasn’t high enough. Her parents’ attitude was great, as well. Logan’s mother told an Indianapolis TV station before the tryout that she knew her daughter “was going to get a fair shake.” Logan, who played Little League Baseball from age 5 onward, said before the tryout that if she didn’ t make the team this year, she’d try next year.

If nothing else, Logan struck a blow for girls by allowing them the chance to try out. It seems backward we’re having this discussion. I had girls on my Little League team in the early 1980s; of course, there was no softball alternative for them. My 9-year-old daughter plays softball and loves it, and that’s great. But baseball and softball are different games, even if both involve a ball, a pitcher and a field.

People worried that somehow Logan’s tryout is some sort of reverse sexism, that boys will start trying out for girls basketball, are off the mark. The issue is the opportunity to compete. Presumably, if Bloomington South had a girls’ field hockey team, but there was a boy who wanted to try out because there was no boys’ team, then he more than likely could.

Among the dimbulbs is Bloomington South’s athletic director, J.R. Holmes, quoted by WTHR-TV in Indianapolis as saying of Logan’s case: “I’m thinking it could open a can of worms, where you might end up not having girls’ sports.” I’m sure Holmes, fresh off of winning his first state basketball title in 39 years of coaching, is wringing his hands over girls’ sports. Given his job as boys’ basketball coach, Holmes might have to be reminded from time to time that other sports and another gender is under his purview.

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March 31, 2009 at 11:45 am

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