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Sports in the Cabinet

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How about a sports czar? From The Associated Press:

A group that studies sports in society urged the Obama administration Wednesday to step up the federal government’s role in athletics and culture, possibly with a Cabinet-level post.

Sport in Society, based at Northeastern University in Boston, said the enhanced government role could serve several important goals, such as encouraging more youth participation, promoting healthier lifestyles, and increasing access to sports and cultural activities.

“Far more must be done to ensure accessibility to sport and culture for marginalized populations, particularly women and people with disabilities,” the group said in its proposal.

Sport in Society says the government could create a “secretary of sport and culture,” establish a special adviser, such as a “sport and culture czar,” or increase funding for existing programs. According to the group, most countries already have a minister or secretary of sport.

Whatever the merits of the idea, can we stop calling for czars? With the drug czar, etc., the president has more czars the history of Russia.


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May 6, 2009 at 11:01 pm

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