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Tell me your pet peeves about youth sports

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Tom Kuyper, a youth sports columnist who operates the Kids and Sports blog, invited readers to send him their pet peeves about youth sports. The lists he and his readers have put together have a lot of the usual complaints: overzealous parents, overzealous parents and overzealous parents. And kids calling coaches by their first names.

So in the spirit that no good idea is left unstolen, especially when it’s someone working in your milieu, here are some of my pet peeves about youth sports.

1. Girls’ softball cheers. You don’t have to be quiet, but can you at least come up with some new ones? I know that you told me you would shout it when Katie got a double, or that you’re going all the way to San Francisco where the people do the disco, and that your team is totally awesome, baby. Please, anything else, I beg you.

[youtubevid id=”SMSX3o5BlHM”]

2. Coaches with sunglasses. Nothing signals a douchebag who is ready to game the rules at any moment or steal bases when the score is 17-0 than a coach with sunglasses.

3. Children younger than 14 who put one foot in the batter’s box, then stretch one arm with a hand extended in a stop signal toward the umpire to let him or her know not to have the ball put in play. Forget steroids: this is the bad influence major-leaguers have wrought upon America’s youth.

4.  Wrestling as a substitute for working out father-son issues. I never saw so many dads yell and boys cry (teens included) as I did in the year my oldest son wrestled. Just go to therapy, already!

5. Port-a-potties being placed so far from the field. Hey, when it’s T-ball, we could use one a little closer than the opposite end of the park. Like, on the way to home plate from the dugout.

Any pet peeves you’d care to share?


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August 13, 2009 at 12:37 am

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  1. More than one head coach. Has it ever worked?

    Coates Bateman

    August 13, 2009 at 8:24 am

  2. Thanks for asking!

    1. Travel soccer games that take you longer to drive to than the actual game. Buring up an entire weekend day to drive 2 hours one way for a 1 hour game is crazy.
    2. Coaches who were Under Armor. How does it help you coach??
    3. Anything that begins before 8:30 am on a Saturday or Sunday.
    4. People who sign there kids up for 2 or 3 sports in season. Then miss games in one sport to be at another. How does that help the kid, and any of the teams??

    I could go on, but those four jump out at me.


    August 13, 2009 at 6:23 pm

  3. Sorry about the spelling mistakes! I forgot to have my wife proofread it! 🙂


    August 13, 2009 at 11:06 pm

  4. Here are some of my pet peeves as a parent and a coach. I have coached mainly in Catholic school leagues, so most but not all of these are in that context.

    1. Coach as daycare. With after school practices, putting a kid in a sport can be a cheap form of daycare. What’s worse is when parents pick up their kids late and you as a coach end up waiting. Checking the kids into daycare sometimes works to discourage this, but if you practice goes beyond the official school daycare time, you are stuck. Plus, you can’t fine parents for being late just like official daycare.

    2. Coaches with bad sportsmanship. I hate it when opposing coaches won’t shake your hand. With one coach during volleyball season, my girls kept hitting his girls during our spiking drill warm up and then beat his team soundly so I could sort of understand not shaking my hand, but still! In another case this summer, I was helping coach my son’s basketball team, and despite that fact that his team clobbered our team, he wouldn’t shake our hands and he didn’t even bother sending his team out to shake our kids hands even though we were lined up. I also heard that this guy called a time out with less than 1 minute left in the game even though his team was destroying the other team.

    3. Athletic Directors who over schedule or suddenly schedule games and tournaments on very short notice. “Btw, you have a tournament this weekend!” It might happen that the tournament is one game a day for four days at a school that is in the afternoon commute direction. Short notice is tough on coaches, kids, and parents.

    4. Parents who pull out their kids from sports for “academic reasons” when their kids are already getting good grades (often with Asian parents). One kid had almost straight A’s. I guess “almost” wasn’t good enough given the Asian grading scale (A=average, B=Bad, C=catastrophe, D=disowned, F=forever forgotten).

    5. Cheating. Hate that. Includes stacking teams (working around drafts), illegal substitutions, bad calls when refs are provided by teams.

    Thanks for the opportunity to vent!


    August 14, 2009 at 2:14 am

  5. Thanks for the peeves, everyone! Keep it coming, you grouchy bastards!

    Bob Cook

    August 14, 2009 at 10:36 am

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