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Judge sentences convict to coach youth sports

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After running his first T-ball practice, this guy might be pining for one of his employer’s jail cells. From the Daily Triplicate in Crescent City, Calif., hard by the Oregon border:

A local business owner once suspected of being part of an insurance fraud scandal that involved multiple victims and spanned several years will likely have to coach youth sports as punishment.


Jerrold Young [above, played by Emilio Estevez], co-owner of Young and Company Insurance Brokers [and a guard at the Pelican Bay State Prison] , was initially ordered to serve a 30-day jail sentence, but on Thursday visiting judge John Morrison reduced that mandate to 280 hours of community service that he preferred the businessman spend with youth sports programs in the area.

Opposing coaches: keep close track of the score when facing one of Young’s teams. REALLY close track.

Written by rkcookjr

August 16, 2009 at 1:58 pm

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