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My Massachusetts football ban gets support from a stripper-friendly judge

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Because I’ve written so often about fights and incident involve youth football in Massachusetts, I recently called for a ban on all football in the, up to and including the New England Patriots.

I have an ally in my quest: Judge Frances A. McIntyre, a Suffolk Superior Court judge previously lauded for ruling in favor of giving strippers their fair share of the bucks that are tucked.

From the Boston Globe:

Struggling to preserve their program and national prominence as a Pop Warner power, the Dorchester Eagles [Nov. 2] lost a preliminary legal effort to permit their undefeated Midget team to compete for local, regional, and national titles.

The Eagles argued in Suffolk Superior Court that the Midget team should not be subject to a three-year ban from postseason play the program incurred after its Junior Midgets brawled with a rival team from Rhode Island last December during Pop Warner Super Bowl week at Disney World. The Eagles have sent teams to the national championships seven of the last eight years.

Punish the teenaged Junior Midgets, not the 11- and 12-year-old Midget players who were not involved in the melee, the Eagles argued.

But they failed to persuade Judge Frances A. McIntyre to issue a preliminary finding that Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc., which governs nearly 7,000 teams nationwide, inappropriately applied the three-year ban to all six teams in the Dorchester program.

“My greatest congratulations to the [Midget] team for their performance this season,’’ McIntyre said, “but I can’t change the outcome that was set in place nearly a year ago because that would not be right, fair, and just.’’

Judge, your next ruling should disallow Bill Belichick from crossing state lines. Just because.

Written by rkcookjr

November 5, 2009 at 10:50 pm