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If your kids can't become NFL stars, have them rap or sing about NFL stars

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lillronnieAbout four years’ back, Deadspin alerted us to a pint-sized, 12 -year-old Indianapolis rapper named Lil Ronnie, whose oeuvre was dedicated to extolling the virtues of his local Colts. Young Ronnie Dietz was never going to become a Colts, but latching onto the team, and the attention from Deadspin, helped him build his budding rap career. Well, such as it exists.

With Lil Ronnie having gone through puberty and all his Colts-related material, a vacuum existed for children to extol the virtues of Peyton Manning and company in song. And that vacuum has been filled by the Faber Boys, combined age of 12 (eight and four), who in the preseason wrote and recorded “We Are the Colts.”

Actually, I presume their parents were involved somewhat, given the production values are a step up, slightly, from wiffle-bat-to-the-crotch shots on “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” and given that even at their combine age they’re too young to have registered for their own MySpace account.

[youtubevid id=”0w3ZYSlcJbQ”]

They’re going to have to update those lyrics to note that offensive coordinator Tom Moore and offensive line assistant Howard Mudd are still on the coaching roster (they retired briefly because of pension issues, but returned once those were settled), and that most every defensive player they mention is on injured reserve.

Otherwise, with the Colts remaining undefeated after 14 games, the Faber Boys might have a chance at riding that bandwagon to future success as pro musicians, rather than pro football players. Well, given that Lil Ronnie is pretty much an unknown, maybe the chances of going pro as a musician glomming onto pro players are as remote as becoming a pro player.

Written by rkcookjr

December 18, 2009 at 3:53 pm