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Super Joe Charboneau's youth baseball career in peril because of reported bar fight

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sc0000e7afIt seems likely that Joe Charboneau’s career as director of baseball for the North Ridgeville (Ohio) parks and recreation department might be as short and mercurial as his career with the Cleveland Indians, thanks to his alleged involvement in a recent bar fight. No word on whether it started because he tried to open a beer bottle with another guy’s eye socket.


… Mayor David Gillock said the city is waiting for a police report about the fight before deciding whether Charboneau will be rehired to manage the city’s baseball and softball programs.

Charboneau was contracted to run the programs in 2008 and 2009. …

Charboneau could not be reached for comment on the investigation.

Gillock confirmed that Charboneau, 53, of North Ridgeville, was injured in a fight at Poor Richard’s, formerly known as Century Tavern, on Ridge Road. He was … treated for his injuries and released. The nature of his injuries could not be confirmed.

Police Capt. Allan Dent declined to give details of the fight, or even to identify Charboneau as one of the participants. He said the matter is under investigation.

Charboneau was the 1980 American League Rookie of the Year, and a media sensation because of his oddball personality, which included the ability to pop open a beer bottle with his left eye socket, then drink it through a straw stuck up his nose.  Hurt by back problems, Charboneau played only 70 games in the majors over 1981 and 1982 before his career ended.

Somewhere, Chief Wahoo is again shedding a single tear looking over the degradation of Joe Charboneau.

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Written by rkcookjr

January 16, 2010 at 5:38 pm