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Bass fishing: the next hot high school sport

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Forget all the hype about all the schools adding lacrosse. If you want to go where the action is, hit the crik, er, creek.

In Illinois another 27 high schools are adding varsity bass-fishing teams, joining the 199 that participated in the inaugural year of the Illinois High School Association’s endorsement of competitive angling. From the Belleville (Ill.) News-Democrat:

Dave Gannaway, an assistant executive director with the IHSA, said two sectionals sites will probably be added to the existing 18 to accommodate the extra schools.

“I’m plotting them on the map now to see kind of where we need to add,” Gannaway said. “It looks like we’re going to have to add one down south and it looks like we’re going to have to add one up in the (Chicago) area. That’s where the two major growths were.

“A lot of schools in Southern Illinois kind of took a wait-and-see attitude. They saw it turned out to be pretty good and jumped in, which is great.”

Sure, this sounds great now.

But soon enough, there will be bass-fishing club teams, traveling six-and-under bass-fishing teams, and rotator cuff injuries caused by too much casting, and there will be a backlash where worried parents make sure everyone gets a fish. And then we’ll fret that parents have ruined bass fishing, and we’ll pine for the days when kids just got together to head to the crik, er, creek just for the pure joy of it all.

Written by rkcookjr

January 17, 2010 at 4:13 am