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Jets fan's arrest means cheering for the other team is a criminal offense

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From Radley Balko via Eric McErlain comes the video of a New York Jets’ fan being subdued and arrested by San Diego police at Sunday’s Jets-Chargers game for… well, I’m not sure what for.

The guy was being an obnoxious asshole in repeatedly chanting “Jets! Jets! Jets!” in the Chargers’ home stadium. But if being an obnoxious asshole is an arrestable offense, then you’d better put prison bars on every stadium and field in America, right down to Little League. I’ve heard parents at youth league games I coach commit far more borderline harassment from the stands, but at most people just tell them to shut up. (By the way, a nice touch by the Chargers fan shouting “ATTICA! ATTICA!” as the police move in.)

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The Chargers’ fan was identified as the above man. (NSFW language)

I presume someone complained about the Jets’ fan being annoying, but unless he was shouting obscenities or picking fights (and, to be sure, there is an edit between the chants and the arrest that makes you wonder what else happened), that’s just the way it goes. Even at fifth- and sixth-grade basketball games.

Written by rkcookjr

January 18, 2010 at 4:57 pm