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Why sportsmanship? Taunting costs HS team a sure win

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Yogi Berra said it ain’t over ’til it’s over, and Dick Motta said a game, like the opera, ain’t over til the fat lady sings. The players of Romeo and Macomb Dakota, two suburban Detroit high schools, on Jan. 6 learned their own version of these shopworn sayings: that it ain’t over til the striped man tweets.

And the striped man doesn’t tweet until you stop being a dick.

In a tight game at Romeo, Macomb Dakota’s Mark Morris hit a last-second 3-pointer to give his team what appeared to be a 63-62 win. Except that right after the shot, he rushed the Romeo bench, apparently to offer words of encouragement about what a good game the opposition played.

No, not really. It’s not clear what exactly Morris said, but it is clear that other Macomb Dakota players and fans rushed the bench to, um, offer their own condolences.

Only problem for Macomb Dakota: the referees hadn’t left the floor.

Under Michigan High School Athletic Association rules (and pretty much under anyone’s rules), the game isn’t over when the clock hits triple zeros — it’s over when the officials leave the court. That’s just in case there is a foul and no time is left on the clock, or for some other situation. Like a team and its fans going full asshat and rushing the opposing bench as the game ends.

The referees called a technical foul on Macomb Dakota (either for excessive celebration or because of some physical altercation). Instead of the game being over, Romeo’s Ryan Thomas went to the line for two free throws, making one. So the game went into overtime — and Romeo outscored Macomb Dakota 14-8 in the extra period to win 77-71.

Macomb Dakota made noise about protesting the game, but come on — do protests ever really work? And isn’t it worth spending a little time at practice doing anti-dipshit drills to make sure the next time you get a game-winning shot, the only thing you say to the other team is, “Good game”?

(Hat tip to BadJocks.)

Written by rkcookjr

January 19, 2010 at 10:50 pm