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Fights in the stands mar high school basketball games: Title IX edition

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Earlier I wrote a story about all the fights that have been happening at high school basketball games, and all the examples I cited were from boys’ matchups. But let it not be said boys games have exclusive domain over fisticuffs and brouhahas. From WSMV television in Nashville:

Principals at Maplewood and Stratford high schools — along with several teachers, coaches and students — face sanctions from the district and TSSAA [Tennessee’s high school athletic authority] for a Saturday night [Feb. 13] melee.

Did I say brouhahas? I meant melees.

At the end of a girls basketball game, a Stratford player made a last-second shot. Maplewood’s coaches claimed the clock was not on and the shot should not have counted.

Maplewood coaches confronted time keepers because they lost the game, said Ralph Thompson, security director of Metro Schools. He said things got out of control, and students and parents got involved and threw punches.

“People started yelling, standing up and coming toward the score keeper and referees,” said student Janelle White. “The girl from Maplewood came up to the score keeper and hit her.”

An estimated 100 people were involved in the fight. Thompson said his office is trying to get to the bottom of reports that several coaches and teachers also threw punches.

Germaine to the point school security expert Kent Trump made (unbeknownst to him) in my previous post on one of the problems regarding fan violence at basketball games, one of the allegations against host Stratford is that it provided inadequate security for the game. As the home school, it was responsible for making those arrangements — normally, four to six security officers, rather than the apparent zero that were there.

Written by rkcookjr

February 17, 2010 at 11:35 pm