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Suzy Kolber, I wanna kiss you for making this video

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…Though Joe Namath says he doesn’t care about the youth sports parents’ strug-a-lin’.

Kolber and ESPN Radio morning jock/sports parent Mike Golic are co-hosting a freshly produced video, put out by the Connecticut Association of Athletic Directors, meant for coaches to use during parents’ meetings. It’s meant to show parents how not to be such fucking assholes.

The presence of the two ESPN personalities lends an air of authority and professionalism to a video that otherwise looks like it should have an intro from Troy McClure. But I’m stunned that Golic, the suddenly ubiquitous pitchman, didn’t break out some ad copy, or at least explain how he can get away with endorsing high-fat food and a workout plan at the same time.

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October 25, 2010 at 1:34 pm

Take your gun to the ballgame

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Given all the tempers that flare during youth sports events, maybe having everyone leave their guns at home might be a good idea, yes?

That’s what the Tennessee Secondary Schools’ Athletic Association thought when it requested a ban on guns at its Spring Fling, an Olympic-style festival involving all five spring sports tournaments. It announced it would ban guns from state and local parks where events would be held, even though on Sept. 1 a law goes into effect saying that people can bring their (legally registered) gun to any damn state and local park they please, unless the local municipality pussies out, er, passes its own firearms restrictions.

The association backed down on its ban, saying its lawyers have told it not to make a stand. It’s always great when lawyers advise us not to do what’s right. Well, I’m sure some gun owners called the association offices with some not-too-kind words, either.

So if you’re going to a youth sporting event in Tennessee, I would advise you to watch who you’re arguing with. Or bring a really big-ass gun.


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July 9, 2009 at 12:32 am

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