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Carmel hazing update: a little less redaction

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The dribs and drabs of information from Carmel (Ind.) police regarding two separate alleged assaults upon teammates by members of the high school basketball time dribbed and drabbed a little more today [March 15].

The police released a less redacted report on an incident that the complainant said occurred Jan. 8 in a Carmel High locker room, but did not come to light until Feb. 22, as police were taking statements on an alleged sexual assault that took place on a bus ride back from Terre Haute to the Indianapolis suburb.

(Quick summary: four senior players were suspended from the team, and school, for the alleged hazing incidents, one player for the Jan. 8 report, and three for the bus-ride report.)

The Carmel city attorney, Douglas Haney, who has been besieged by local media to release the full police reports in each incident, wrote today [March 15] that given the “current stage of the investigation,” he could take some black lines off the report concerning the Jan. 8 incident. He didn’t go into any further detail.

After comparing the two reports, it turns out very little was unerased. But it’s enough show that apparently more than one player was involved in the actual assault on a teammate. From the report (as posted by Fox 59 TV news in Indianapolis):

I was advised by [redacted] that [redacted] and [redacted] had been involved in an altercation with [redacted] in the locker room [redacted]. According to their information, [redacted] and [redacted] had held [redacted] down, pulled down his shorts [a full line redacted].

Written by rkcookjr

March 15, 2010 at 6:08 pm