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If only George Huguely had listened to his father

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Murder suspect and University of Virginia lacrosse player George Huguely is, as of this writing, the most-read story on the Washington Post’s website. However, Huguely — accused of killing female Virginia lacrosse player Yeardley Love, with whom he once had a relationship — has appeared on the paper’s site before because of scandal.

In 2006, Huguely was among the high school players the Post interviewed about the criminal case involving the Duke University lacrosse team, a scandal that turned out be not so much the players’ conduct toward a stripper they hired, but a prosecutor who was disbarred and spent a day in jail for trumping up charges against them.

Huguely’s words sound a little creepy now, as words tend to do when they’re uttered by someone who later happens to be part of a murder investigation. I’m guessing he believes his particular quote more than ever from the March 31, 2006, Post:

“I sympathize for the team,” Huguely said. “They’ve been scrutinized so hard and no one knows what has happened yet. In this country, you’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. I think that’s the way it should be.”

The Post was talking to Huguely and other players from his high school, Landon in Bethesda, Md., because it was the alma mater of some of the members of the infamous Duke team. Landon coach Rob Bordley defended his alums, but he also told the Post that he constantly cautions his charges about the dangers of alcohol (the Duke players admitted to underage drinking). Huguely’s father also told the Post had particular words of wisdom for his own son:

Huguely’s father, George, Sr. said yesterday that he’s had discussions with his son, who will play at University of Virginia next season, about staying out of situations that could be costly.

“Regardless of what winds up happening, you have to learn from this experience and take what you can from it,” George Huguely Sr. said. “You always have to remember and can’t let yourself be in a situation where something like this could happen.”

In an affidavit first published by the Charlottesville (Va.) Daily Progress, Huguely admits that he had a verbal confrontation with Love that turned physical, though he said he never meant to kill her. He admitted to shaking her so hard that her head repeatedly hit the wall, and also to kicking his right foot through a door leading to her bedroom. And, he admitted to taking Love’s computer, which would have contained emails he sent.

There’s no word yet whether alcohol was involved. But there’s no doubt that Huguely did not heed his father’s advice.

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