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Should you go to all your children's games?

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In its June parents’ newsletter, U.S. Lacrosse answers the guilt-driven question, “Should I go to all my children’s games?” But first, let sports psychologist Richard Ginsburg tell you whether your children want your presence:

In our research on this very question, we learned that almost 100% of youth soccer-playing-kids ages, 7-14, wanted their parents to attend their games. Our kids want us to watch them play, to witness the wins and losses, the accomplishments and the disappointments.

Don’t you feel guilty for even asking the question?

Actually, Ginsburg let we parents know that our children will not someday end up on Dr. Phil if we miss a few games.

That said, it is also OK for us as adults to have our own lives, to miss a few games here or there. In fact, having a life outside of our children’s sport experiences is healthy.

Are parents fucked in the head, or what? We need a psychologist to pat us on the shoulder and tell us that our child won’t become a serial killer if we miss a baseball game! That a truly adult perspective is NOT revolving your life 100 percent around your children’s activities!

Written by rkcookjr

June 4, 2010 at 12:39 am