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Rep. Ken Calvert hates children

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I’m going to make this blanket statement about the Republican Congressman from Corona, Calif., based on tkencalvertwo items.

The first is a list, made by the Orange County Weekly in 2006, of what Calvert likes: “Toll roads, money, blowjobs.” (Personally I’m not so sure about the first one, but who would honestly argue against liking money and blowjobs?) The second, about what he dislikes, is apparent (to me, anyway) in Calvert’s continuing fight to keep four acres of ill-gotten land that should long have been turned into a park or a youth sports field.

The latest chapter in a three-year saga is scheduled to come Thursday. That’s when the Jurupa Area Recreation and Park District plans to show it’s not just some too-cute agency that uses April Lavigne songs as inspiration for naming its facilities, as its board votes to take the land from Calvert and his partners through eminent domain.

Technically, in the legal sense, the park district’s beef isn’t with Calvert, who has a long history, even for a career real estate developer, of eyebrow-raising land deals. The big upset is that Calvert apparently wanted to build a storage facility on it, and not use the land in some relation for a project he’s earmarking. The park district has sued not Calvert, but the Jurupa Community Services District. It’s the agency that runs the area’s pipe-related services, and it sold the land to Calvert and his Stadium Properties group. According to the Riverside Press-Enterprise, someone thought that transaction stunk like untreated sewage (while the lawsuit is draining the park district’s legal budget like a leaky washer):

In 2007, the Riverside County grand jury concluded the 2006 transaction violated state law because the community services district had not provided state-mandated notification to other governmental agencies that the property was available before selling it to the Calvert partnership.

The Jurupa park district had sought the land for use as a park or a youth sports field since at least 2001.

It’s too bad Calvert won’t do the right thing and just sell back the land, for the kids’ sake. Doesn’t he want to see children as happy as he is when he gets a toll road, money and a blowjob? Unless he knows it’s going to be called “Complicated Park.” Then he’s completely justified.

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A much better Calvert: Robert, singing lead on Hawkwind’s “Quark, Strangeness and Charm.”

Written by rkcookjr

July 28, 2009 at 7:39 am