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In these leagues, someone is stealing more than second base

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Do you kiss your just-got-out-of-jail-for-theft mother with that mouth?

It’s a pattern that plays out frequently in youth leagues across the United States. Someone steps up to handle the arduous, time-consuming task of handling the finances. The league trusts that person with everything. That person works doggedly. That person gets kudos from everyone for working so hard in such a thankless task.

Then a few years down the line, someone discovers that person has ripped the league off blind.

You probably noticed in my headline feed — you do notice my headline feed, don’t you? — that I was able to link to three different stories about three different reports of ripoffs in three separate leagues, all of which made news in just one 24-hour cycle.

In Florida, there’s a woman booked into a room at the Graybar Hotel for the next 18 months and forced to repay the $40,000 she embezzled from a soccer league over two years. Another soccer mom, this one in Pennsylvania, is facing jail time after being convicted of embezzling $75,000 from her son’s soccer league. Finally, a New Jersey baseball dad just got arrested on charges of stealing $20,000 from the league whose finances he handled. In each case, no one suspected anything until people started calling to collect bills everyone else in the league thought had already been paid.

Unlike, say, Ocala’s Big Sun soccer league (the first item in this list), your league can close the barn door before the horse escapes. This article from Athletic Business covers the basics, namely, having more than one person involved in handling the money.

Otherwise, you’re going to go to your league meetings and wonder why the treasurer is pulling up in a Bentley.

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September 8, 2009 at 9:31 pm

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