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Video games from the Pleistocene Era

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I was helping my parents do some work around their house, and I found this:

head2headbaseball1My old Coleco Head-to-Head Electronic Baseball. I believe I got it for Christmas in 1982. It was the first (or one of the first) electronic games where you could play someone other than the CPU. You had two pitches — fastball and curve. Curve was always a ball, but you didn’t know until the circular light representing the ball popped outside the plate at the last second.

I brought it home for my kids, who viewed it as an archeologist would Pompeii. My 9-year-old daughter actually played it for a little while, though. Yep — after 27 years (yikes!), it still fired up with a fresh pair of 9-volts.

Please feel free to share below any favorites you have from that era, and any experiences you had showing it to someone whose frame of reference is XBox Live.