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Israel president’s peace process: Youth sports teams with Jewish and Arab kids together

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Israel President Shimon Peres and his counterpart with the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, in separate visits to Brazil came away impressed that Jews and Arabs in that country seemed to be able to interact without checkpoints and rocks. When the president of Brazil’s Olympic Committee visited Israel recently to chat with Peres about the 2016 Rio de Janiero games, Peres’ memories of harmony got him to thinking that maybe sports would be a great way to build some Brazil-style peace in his country.

From the Jerusalem Post:

Peres proposed that Brazil host joint Israeli/Palestinian youth teams at various of the year, because sport is a great equalizer. He did not suggest a joint Olympic team, although he was pleased that Jews and Arabs are serving together on Brazil’s Olympic Committee. The Peres Peace Center which has demonstrated that sport is a means of breaking down psychological and political barriers, has sponsored such teams of youngsters in games in Israel and abroad. The President’s proposal may gain support as there are both Jews and Arabs on the Brazil Olympic Committee.

Actually, I’m not sure that Peres has to take a joint Israeli-Palestinian team all the way to Brazil to ease relations between the two sides. If joint leagues start in Israel and Palestine, there might be tension at first, but soon enough both sides will stop fighting each other as they unite around their shared interest — doing something about that fucking coach.

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November 12, 2010 at 2:23 am

2016 Olympics in Chicago: Make me an offer, international community

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As I write this, we are only two hours away from finding out whether my city, Chicago, will be awarded the 2016 Olympics. However, I want to get the jump on other locals by taking your outrageous offer to use what I have to make your experience in Chicago — assuming of course, we get the games, more pleasant and profitable (for me).

First, my house. Please rent it! I have a 3-bedroom, 2-bath house located near Midway Airport, two suburban commuter lines and a bus line that will get you to Midway and the El located therein. Also, being on the south end of the city (four blocks outside the city limits, to be exact), I’m convenient to proposed Olympic stadium, which will be located on the south side. For those of you from Ireland, I’m in the center of a lot of ethnic Irish, judging by all the laborers’ business cards I get with a shamrock on them. For those of you from Muslim countries, my location also is in an Arabic enclave close to mosques, restaurants and the Muslim bakery that makes what is known as South Side bread.

Starting bid: $750 per day.

Next, my van. Two vans to be exact. My wife and I (and my two children who will be 19 and 17 in 2016) can drive you anywhere you need to go. We know all the shortcuts, although in some of them I would recommend locking your doors. The vans can fit five adults comfortably, and at least 10 uncomfortably.

Starting bid: $150 per day on retainer, $10 per mile.

Next, my children. My oldest son, who will be 19, is an aspiring photographer, and travels everywhere by Rollerblade. My oldest daughter, who will be 17, loves animals and can pet-sit if needed. I also will have a son who will be 13 and a daughter who will be 11 and can handle multiple tasks. If your country has no child labor laws, then neither do we!

Starting bid: $100 per child, per hour.

Contact me today, before the rush!

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October 2, 2009 at 10:36 am