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I just got in fight with a fellow football coach! (I must) alert the media!

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Recently I wrote a piece warning coaches that your outbursts are likely to be recorded for posterity, and worldwide Internet humiliation. I did not consider that there are coaches who are incapable of being humiliated, who in fact are MORE than happy to spread the video of their stupidity themselves to air their stupid fights for what they assume is worldwide Internet vindication, but really is worldwide Internet humiliation. Stupid.

One such coach is Rick Day. He is a 41-year-old real estate from Racine, Wisc., who got in a bit of a tete-a-tete with oppising youth football coach Kelly Weddel after a game at Kenosha, Wisc.’s Christian Youth Center league. (Religion of peace, my ass!)  The story in Racine’s Journal Times included a video of the fight, and copious quotes from Day about why it happened, and why he was so wronged. Weddel was not to be found.

And why was that? Well, if this commenter on the Journal Times story is indeed who he says he is, there was a massive media strike executed by none other than Rick Day himself, who I’m sure is still very much available for comment.

(All misspellings and typos are Day’s. The note is time-stamped 12:49 a.m. — not a good time to type with a clear head, or clear grammar.)

Dear bsmile, A.L., movin1981, and to all the others who will respond to the artical and video by calling me a idiot, moron, ect. I knew that was coming when I called the reporter offering up the video and interview. Heck, I feared what my best friends wife would say! I probably deserve some of your anger as I am not proud of the event. The reason I offered this to the JT, Kenosha News, Fox 6 news, and TMJ4 is that there has been a injustice. The man in red who battered myself and one of my players mother and insited a riot got off without being charged with the two counts of battery and or insiting the riot. He received the same ticket as I and a lessor citation than the father that kicked him for hurting his wife!!! I knew putting the video out would bring ridicule on myself. The police wont pursue the assult and battery charges and the DA’s office wont allow me to file a formal complaint without jumping through alot of hoops. Then they will only consider action. I have made a sincer apology to the kids and there parents. I also accept the band from the CYC from coaching. My hope is for justice and to also to prevent the other coach who has had other “run-ins” in the past from coaching again! You have my word that there will never be an incident with my name in it again!~ Rick Day

Day and Weddel (as well a parent who got involved in the fight) were fined for the incident, and the two were fired as coaches. So I guess not having access to the field will make it easier that there will never be an incident with Rick Day’s name on it again. If only he would stop saying words about the incident that already happened.

Written by rkcookjr

October 15, 2010 at 4:14 pm