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H1N1 and youth sports — forget the post-game handshake

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In Chilliwack, B.C., the good-game handshake/high five is gone, gone, gone, will be gone so long, will be gone gone gone so long, thanks to H1N1.

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Just in case you don’t get references to early 1980s Canadian bands, or have never seen SCTV.

From the Chilliwack Times:

Parents of kids that play soccer shouldn’t be offended if handshaking is eschewed for the rest of the season.

Bruce Davies of Chilliwack Football Club recently sent out an advisory to coaches, managers, referees, players and parents about a new “end of game procedure” being implemented because of H1N1.

All Chilliwack FC teams have been told to implement the new procedure immediately that includes: offering three cheers to the opposing team; turning and applauding the opposing team and referee; and handshaking between coaches and referees.

It’s not just Chilliwack — if it hasn’t happened yet, extra precaution in youth sports will come to Boston, Chicago, Kansas, Europe, Asia or any other place that might or might not have had a big-haired band cop the name of its locality.

With the swine flu growing like a prize pig, precautions against any kind of unnecessary contact is under way to prevent the spread of the disease and to prevent the mass cancellation of events that took place in many places last spring, when H1N1 first emerged. Though in some places, it’s already been too late.

I feel like I’m in a bit of quandary, though, when I start coaching my daughter’s fifth- and sixth-grade coed basketball team in a few weeks. Even if there’s no post-game handshake/high-five, everyone is going to be sharing and touching the same ball. Is there a Purell product especially made for rubbing all over basketballs? Or maybe I should have everyone play while wearing latex gloves.

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October 14, 2009 at 10:23 am

And this little piggie stayed home

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The Your Kid’s Not Going Pro emergency alert center reports the following athletic cancellations as a result of H1N1 — oh, forget it, you’re all gonna call it swine flu no matter what authorities say. (NOTE: I am adding to this list and alphabetizing by state rather than creating new posts every team a school or organization cancels sports.)

EDIT: On the Pitch has some great practical resources for handling the swine flu scare. Its advice is targeted toward soccer leagues. But the lessons — including handling communication with parents — are valuable for any kind of league and coach.

ALABAMA HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION All events postponed until further notice. Events postponed until May 5.

MADISON COUNTY, ALABAMA — All children’s activities, including T-ball practices and games, in county parks canceled until May 4.

BRANHAM HIGH SCHOOL, CALIFORNIAAll events canceled through May 6.

INDIO HIGH SCHOOL, CALIFORNIAAll events canceled through May 7.

All games and practices canceled through May 4, as well as a ban on outside groups using school facilities.

HOMER COMMUNITY CONSOLIDATED DISTRICT 33, ILLINOISAll afterschool activities in middle and elementary schools, including sports, canceled for May 1.

WABASH SCHOOL DISTRICT, INDIANAAll practices for Thurs., April 30, called off. Games still scheduled, unless rained out.

WOODHAVEN-BROWNSTOWN SCHOOLS, MICHIGAN — All after-school activites, including sports, canceled for Thurs., April 30, and possibly through the weekend.

BEMUS POINT SCHOOL DISTRICT, NEW YORKAll sports canceled through May 3.

All events canceled through May 1.

Schools and all sports activities canceled through May 4.

ST. FRANCIS PREP SCHOOL, NEW YORK — All events will go forward as scheduled, unless opponents are too scared of contracting swine flu to show up.

All events canceled through Friday.

MAULDIN HIGH SCHOOL, SOUTH CAROLINAAll activities, including games and practices, canceled on April 30 and May 1.

NEWBERRY COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT, SOUTH CAROLINAMost after-school activities, including sports, canceled through May 4.

MONTGOMERY BELL ACADEMY, TENNESSEEAll after-school activities, including sports, canceled through May 8.

THE CITY OF THE COLONY’S PARK AND RECREATIONS DEPARTMENT, TEXASAll youth league events at city facilities canceled through May 6.

CITY OF DENTON, TEXASAll league play and athletic programs including Denton Youth Soccer, Denton Boys Baseball and all field rental activities suspended through May 11.

CITY OF FORT WORTH, TEXASAll recreation center-hosted activities canceled until at least May 8..

CITY OF HIGHLAND VILLAGE, TEXASAll organized youth sports league games canceled from May 1-10.

All school district sporting events canceled through May 11.

TEXAS ASSOCIATION OF PRIVATE AND PAROCHIAL SCHOOLSRegion I-5A and 4A South Regional track meets scheduled for May 1 canceled.


SALT LAKE CITY CATHOLIC SCHOOLS, UTAHAll sports at Judge Memorial Catholic High School and Our Lady of Lourdes School canceled until May 5.

PARK CITY SCHOOLS, UTAHSchools and all sports activities closed through May 4.

CLOVER PARK SCHOOL DISTRICT, WASHINGTONLakewood High School sports activities canceled for May 1.

Further updates as events warrant. Please send any closing and cancellations to rkcookjr at, or through Twitter to @notgoingpro.

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April 29, 2009 at 11:43 pm