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Miller passes to the boy and boom goes the dynamite: video highlights for youth sport

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Forget “Highlights for Kids.” Watch highlights of kids.

From The Associated Press:

…Little League International has a new deal with Youth Sports Live to offer its video service to all of its more than 7,500 chartered programs.

“What we’re hearing from our subscriber base is they get used to it to where it becomes the norm, not the exception,” said Youth Sports Live co-founder and CEO Greg Centracchio.

The company installs a camera behind the backstop at each field. Leagues don’t pay anything for the service; in fact, they can make money if enough people sign up. The revenues come entirely from people who pay for a subscription to view the games live or on demand over the Internet.

Centracchio believes enough parents who miss games, relatives who live far away and families who want to relive a child’s big hit will be willing to pay for the service. Subscriptions are $4.95 per day, $9.95 per week or $14.95 per month. DVDs of games can also be purchased.

Still not sold on the idea of professional recording of youth games? And paying for it? How about having ESPN’s Karl Ravech saying, “THAT’s a Web Gem nominee!” over a montage of your kid’s exploits? From a Sept. 16 news release:

…The myESPN Highlights products provide athletes and parents everywhere the opportunity to showcase their sports photos in an authentic “highlight reel,” complete with commentary by ESPN’s Karl Ravech. Both sales organizations have extensive experience providing unique programs and products to national and local sports leagues, as well as recreational and parks sports associations.

Tim Brown, former NFL star and 1987 Heisman Trophy winner, is a leading advocate for youth sports and a J&K Distributors affiliate. He remarked, “myESPN Highlights is not just another photo product. It is a key part of our program to help build the self-esteem of every player on every team. Athletes can now experience the thrill of their photos being featured in an authentic ESPN production, which is something they will treasure for the rest of their lives.”

Produced in collaboration with ESPN, myESPN Highlights offers the ultimate personalized photo products. These products transform personal digital photos into compelling authentic SportsCenter productions. The myESPN Highlights themed product line includes customizable DVD videos, photo books, sports posters and shareable MP4 files that can be shared on social network websites.

Goofus let his dad film his games. But Gallant had top-grade video with professional announcers as a record of every sporting event he played.

[youtubevid id=”nJAUkp-RfRk”]

Oh, Goofus. Will you never learn from your consistently superior peer?

Written by rkcookjr

September 18, 2009 at 12:42 am