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Just in case you weren't sure whether youth sports was a business

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I could talk about multiple cities’ plans for multimillion sports complexes, the franchising of youth sports leagues, Little League’s reliance on its televised World Series coverage for a large bulk of its revenue, and the kids’ section at Dick’s Sporting Goods as signs that youth sports is not a fun activity, but a business.

But no sign is quite as clear as this notice from Sports Business Journal about a special issue:

Youth sports have received more scrutiny as a business opportunity as companies look to develop new revenue streams. The increased attention garnered by young athletes increases the viability of youth sports as a media property. However, the fractionalized nature of youth sports and concerns over exploiting young athletes poses significant hurdles for those wanting a piece of the market. Publishing Date: August 17 Close: August 3 Materials Close: August 5.

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July 21, 2009 at 10:51 pm

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